Access International understands the unique requirements of the mobile gaming industry, providing our company with the legal support we need to remain responsive to our business and carrier partners in a dynamic marketplace.
- Midori Yuasa,
President, Beeline Interactive, Inc., Los Angeles
Access International Law Group has substantial experience representing companies in the mobile content area. Through Gamma Law, the Firm regularly represents clients with development and publishing agreements and license-in and license-out agreements, in the US, Asia and Europe.

Successful distribution of mobile content requires negotiation between publishers and aggregators, handset manufacturers and mobile telecom carriers. Critical agreements relating to development and distribution and mobile content are highly specialized, and the number of lawyers with real experience in this area is relatively few. Access International has significant experience with all legal aspects of mobile content development and distribution.

The Firm’s mobile content experience includes the following:
  • Content distribution agreements with major telecom carriers in the US, Asia and Europe.
  • License-in agreements with Hollywood studios for usage of movie and television content within mobile games.
  • Distribution agreements with mobile content aggregators and handset manufacturers.
  • Development, porting and testing agreements.
  • Mobile promotions, including sweepstakes.
If you are a developer, publisher or distributor of mobile content, please contact us for more information on how we can help to build your business.