Access International understands the unique requirements of the mobile gaming industry, providing our company with the legal support we need to remain responsive to our business and carrier partners in a dynamic marketplace.
- Midori Yuasa,
President, Beeline Interactive, Inc., Los Angeles
J-Pop Culture Content
Access International’s Japanese Pop Culture Content Practice, conducted through Gamma Law, is focused on creators, publishers and distributors of manga, anime, music, games and other creative content originating in Japan. The Firm draws on its significant experience with copyright, licensing and international distribution to help companies in this dynamic business expand to the United States and grow within the US market. Japan-based clients are served by the Firm’s team of Japanese-speaking lawyers located in its Tokyo and California Offices.

The Firm provides further support to clients of the Japanese Pop Culture Content Practice through international market entry business consulting from a Japan media specialist with significant experience in the United States.

In addition to general US market-entry services, Services provided through the Firm’s Japanese Pop Culture Content Practice include the following:
  • Licensing and distribution agreements.
  • Localization agreements.
  • Promotion and advertising arrangements.
  • Publication agreements.
  • Broadcast agreements.
  • Wholesale and retail distribution agreements.
If you are considering expanding the market for your Japanese pop culture content to the United States, please contact us for more information on how we can help to build your business.