I've relied on Access International to support my games-related ventures for several years now, and always found them to be quick, knowledgeable and thorough. Access International understands the games business.
- James Hursthouse,
CEO, Roadhouse Interactive Ltd.
Access International knows games. The Firm works closely with developers, publishers and infrastructure providers for online, mobile, PC and console games. The Games Practice was launched in 2003, and today the Firm’s expertise extends to all aspects of games-related transactions, from IP protection, licensing and distribution through end-user issues. The Firm’s games experience, conducted through Gamma Law, includes the following.
  • Outsourced development agreements.
  • Distribution agreements of various types, representing developers, publishers and distributors.
  • License-in and license-out agreements relating to game content.
  • Hosting/infrastructure agreements.
  • Copyright and trademark assistance to secure client rights in game content and branding.
Success in the games business requires close partnership with a lawyer who understands not just the law, but the business. If you are a game developer, publisher or distributor, please contact us for more information on how we can help to build your business.