It is difficult to find a law firm with real international experience that also knows how to deal effectively with the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in competitive markets. Access International has offered both of these to our company as we have expanded internationally.
- Yoichi Suehiro,
Director, Business Search Technologies Corporation, Tokyo
About Us

Quality. Responsiveness. Personal Service.

Access International Law Group provides high-quality, personal legal assistance to companies that require the experience and skills often available through a large corporate law firm but also demand responsiveness, personal service and cost-effective results from their outside counsel. The Firm’s lawyers possess a quality of credentials and experience that allows the Firm to deliver superior results for its clients over a broad range of corporate transactional matters, both internationally and within the US.

International Reach.

A principal focus of the Firm’s practice is international transactions. Traditionally, international legal expertise has been provided by very large law firms that are accustomed to dealing only with multinational corporate clients, for whom legal costs and efficient legal service may be secondary to institutional and historical considerations. Companies that retain these large firms often find that their matters are passed to several different lawyers, each with a narrow legal specialty, and that the needs of the firm’s largest clients take precedence over their own. Furthermore, high billing rates for even the most junior lawyers mean that it is impossible for many companies to rely on these firms for day-to-day legal support.

Access International was founded on the premise that international legal expertise need not be limited to large institutions. Through its offices in San Francisco / Silicon Valley and Tokyo, as well as its network of relationships with counsel in various jurisdictions, Access International supports its clients with business around the world.

The Best of Both Worlds.

Access International offers emerging-company clients the personal attention and responsiveness of a smaller firm, but the experience and skills of a large corporate law firm, both internationally and in the US.

If your company is considering expanding to new markets, or needs to manage legal issues relating to existing arrangements at home or abroad, please contact Access International for a free consultation to discuss how our international experience and expertise can help.